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Combine your audio and text files into a Visually Impressive Flipbook!

See this link for an example of an online flipbook:

Flipbook is an interactive format for presenting traditional print documents. This format makes digital issues resemble paper ones and drives more attention and engagement to the content.

Now that you have the recordings and transcribed words, we can transform them into a beautiful digital multimedia ebook!

Your Voice recordings will automatically play in the background. The transcribed text on each page will follow the order of your voice recordings.

Your ebook/flipbook (document and sound recordings) can be published and shared in several ways:

1. Your flipbook can be burned into a CD that is mailed directly you to the address of your choosing.

2. Your flipbook can be loaded onto a USB drive that is mailed directly to you address of your choosing.

3. Your flipbook can be uploaded to our webservice and available to anyone who has access to the link and the password you create to protect the content. (This option also comes with one year free hosting on our servers.)

Normal delivery time is two weeks. Rush priority to will reduce delivery time to one week.

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