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Covid 19: It is the Worst of Times; It is the Best of Times

We will overcome this!

Written in 1859, the phrase "It was the Best of Times; It was the Worst of Times" from the opening paragraph from Charles Dickens novel A Tale of Two Cities points out a major conflict between family and love, hatred and oppression, good and evil, light and darkness, and wisdom and folly. Dickens begins this tale with a vision that human prosperity cannot be matched with human despair. He, in fact, tells about a class war between the rich and the poor. He also tells of a time of despair and suffering on one hand, and joy and hope on the other.

Now in 2020, it just seems like the Worst of Times and there isn't anything good about what we are going through as families, communities, or as a country. People are losing their jobs. Businesses are failing. People are getting sick and dying. But, if you look at the new normal, there is something extremely powerful developing in all of us. Something that wouldn't exist without this dreaded crisis. A reset of priorities. What used to seem important, is no longer important. What didn't seem important is now important.

Family, friends, and community. This triad has been taken for granted for way too long as we chased prosperity and popularity. The commodity of time was always in short supply and our very selfish culture prioritized our time to achieve superficial goals while ignoring our loved ones. The saying you can't take it with you has never been so true and this crisis has focused on the true source of happiness comprised of the triad of family, friends, and community.

And when this crisis is over, it might be so easy to go back to what was. But won't it truly be the best of times if we all undergo a reset and focus on what we all recently discovered living in our homes and living in our community?

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