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Cats and Dogs - No, It's Not Raining

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere. - Groucho Marx -

Here's a memory that I am glad to add to my memoir. It's not anything particularly special but it does show how I became someone's hero!

Let the record reflect that fact that I am not nor have I ever been a fan of cats. They hiss at me, plus I am super allergic to them.

Anyhow, I woke up late one day for work and my dog was crazy barking as if someone was trying to break into our house. I looked out the window and saw a little orange cat strolling across our yard. I looked at my dog that was having utter conniptions and smiled.

Now my dog is the biggest wimp. She's a Tibetan Terrier that weighs about 15 pounds. She was also the runt of the litter. When we got her, her six brothers and sister were piled up on top of her preventing her from getting milk from her mom and she just let them! She has zero fight in her which makes her a great pet for my boys. She's never growled, snapped, nipped anyone ever.

The other day there was a bunny in our yard. I let her out and the bunny stood its ground. My dog stopped five feet away from the rabbit, paused and then slowly back off and then ran full speed back to our house with her tail between her leg. That's my dog in a nutshell. She's all bark and no bite.

I saw an opportunity for my dog to earn a little street cred with this cat. I opened the door and said, "Go Get 'em." My dog flew out the door towards the cat. The cat saw my pooch running towards her and she ran to the woods. My dog screeched to a stop where the woods met the invisible fence and she just barked and barked until she got bored. She returned to the house, tail wagging, tongue flopping as if she just accomplished something and defended our house and yard. "Good girl", I said to her as I patted her head.

When I walked out the front door, I found a flyer in my mailbox. It said, "LOST CAT - Ferbie. He's orange and likes milk. He didn't come home after school yesterday. If you see him please call xxx-xxx-xxxx." There was also a picture of a cat. All cats look alike to me, but I wondered if that backyard cat was Ferbie and I instantly felt very very bad. Terrible actually.

I dialed a number and left a message that I saw an orange cat in my yard but it ran into the woods. I also shared my address.

In the afternoon, as I was taking my coffee break, my phone beeped at me and I looked down at a text and saw a picture of a little girl holding the orange cat that was in my yard. Thank you, thank you so so much for your kindness and helping us, the text read after the picture. Last night, she cried all night until she fell asleep.

I responded back saying I was glad I could help and that I was lucky to be at the right place at the right time.

I opened up BabbleStash and decided to record this overall experience.

BabbleStash is a critically acclaimed iPhone app that captures the essence of people and lets them share it. Selfies, Snapchats, only express the visual moment; but not what people are truly thinking or feeling. BabbleStash uses scientifically tested questions to elicit feelings, memories, ideas, goals, and dreams and easily records the responses to either be kept secret or shared.

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