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They Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

I can't say that out loud; but I know that's how they feel. All my life, people have told me how beautiful I am. It's a gift and a curse. In our society that emphasizes beauty over substance, I always seem to be the favored one. I keep myself up, exercise, eat well; but I do that for me, not for other people.

Regardless, I find people are fake and hate me because I am beautiful. I also find that people avoid me thinking I'm too pretty to talk to. I also, find people that just want to see if I would talk to them and they harass me to get my attention.

My selfies on Instagram gets hundreds of likes from people that I don't even know. Sometimes, I feel I get caught up on just my appearance trying to get more likes and more followers; but I always seem to feel empty and shallow after each posting.

BabbleStash was a transformative app for me. I can record my thoughts and feelings and know that if I choose to share my babble, I will be judged on the substance of what I say versus how I look saying it. It's refreshing to finally have an app that let's the real me be me. Plus, after each babble is recorded, I feel liberated.

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