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It's Never Too Late Until It's Too Late

I can always do this tomorrow. That is the key underlying thought of procrastinators everywhere. They put off to tomorrow what they should prioritize and do today.

Some things can wait though. Not everything has to happen now and today. But just because it doesn't have to be done today; doesn't mean there shouldn't be a sense of urgency to get it done.

Over the past summer I went to a few funerals where I heard people stand up and say that they wished they learned more about the person before they died. They wished they documented the stories because the stories in someways die with the person.

If the stories are documented and recorded. The stories and the memories of the person can live on as long as people know where the stories are stored and can easily access and share them.

This is one of the great benefits of BabbleStash. Recording stories, storing them in easily retrievable locations and sharing them when the time is right.

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