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Is BabbleStash a Voice Diary or Something Else?

Is BabbleStash a voice diary? Is BabbleStash a journal? Is BabbleStash just another way to verbally record onto the smartphone?

What makes BabbleStash special and different from all the other apps?

BabbleStash is all of those things and none of those things. BabbleStash at the most rudimentary level is what it's name implies, storing your voice recordings. But it is so much more than that.

BabbleStash is a confidante where you can safely share your thoughts and feelings about your day. BabbleStash is your family, where you can listen to the recordings of your family members about their lives. BabbleStash is your friend, allowing you to get safely introspective without the judging. BabbleStash is the future you, where you can share your thoughts about what you think will happen next year and then in one-year, you can listen to yourself giving your advice.

So what is Babblestash? It might sound gimmicky but BabbleStash is what it is, BabbleStash.

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