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I Wish My Dog Could Talk

When I get home, I find myself staring into the eyes of my dog just wondering, what is on her mind.

It's just her and me at home. She knows when I get home from work and she's waiting at the door with her leash in her mouth. She's almost the perfect companion and friend. With just one thing missing, she can't talk. If she could, I would ask her everything about everything.

But I can get her to bark on command. She has about four or five different types of barks. So what I do is open up by the BabbleStash app and ask her a question, then I record her barking answer. (It was easy for me to create an account for her.) Obviously, the transcription cannot understand what she said; but what I do is edit the text to give actual words to her barks.

If I am feeling lonely or sad, I open The Stash, and I listen to her barking responses to my questions. I then read my funny little transcriptions of my interpretation of what she is saying. It always makes me feel a little better. In the back of my mind, I know she won't live forever; but these special recorded babbles will say with me forever.

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