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Stop and Smell the Little Tree Black Ice Car Air Freshener

Summer life is a blur. Each day seamlessly blends into the next day. Only the weekends seem to break up the monotony of summer.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that life is a journey and to stop and smell the flowers along the way. I had a great reminder of this on a recent family trip to Los Angeles. We were trying to get in as much as possible in terms of sightseeing as well as fun. It was a chore and not fun planning all the fun. In the middle of our trip, we took an Uber to a Malibu beach and my youngest son from the back seat randomly blurted out to the Uber driver, "I like how your car smells!" The driver reached up to his rear view mirror and said, "It's Black Ice!"

I don't know why this exchange impacted me so much; but in a way, my son was stopping and smelling the flowers (on in this case black ice) as I was just trying to get to where we are going. I think the exchange reminded me that it's not just about where you are going but how you get there and the experiences you share along the way.

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