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More Introspection in 2017

New Year's Eve Resolution

It seems the years are speeding up and every New Year's Eve, I feel more and more nostalgic. Did I make a difference last year? Will I make a difference next year? Did I achieve my goals? Am I growing as a person? Did I appreciate enough? Was I appreciated enough?

I want my life to mean something not just for me but for my family. That is why BabbleStash is so amazing, I can just speak my life and it's automatically recorded and transcribed. Then I can export all my recordings and transcriptions and right there is a record of my entire life.

It can all feel complicated; but I believe if we were more introspective during the year and took time to record our experiences the questions would be fewer at the end of the year. That's why BabbleStash is so important in my life. It established a baseline and foundation. It captures what I am thinking and feeling and I can easily listen to my babbles and determine if am I on my right path.

That's why this year, I will create a new resolution for myself. I will be more introspective and record the facts about my life. If I don't feel comfortable sharing them with friends and family, at least I have BabbleStash so I can store them away for when the time is right.

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