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Read Your Memoir on an Ereader

After your export your transcribed babbles, you are wondering how you can read it on your favorite ereader!

BabbleStash now has a service to automatically convert your transcribed babbles into an ereader format.

It's easy to get started:

1. Finish recording all your babbles

2. View the recordings in your Stash to make sure you are happy with the transcriptions and sound quality.

3. EXPORT your recordings as audio and text from the upper left hand corner of the Stash.

4. Purchase the eReader conversion service from the BabbleStash online store.

5. Send the BabbleStash team your beautifully formatted text document.

6. Based on the agreed upon time, the BabbleStash team will convert your document into an eReader ebook.

7. Import your newly converted document into your eReader to read and enjoy!

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