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Love from Behind the Cash Register

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. - Aristotle -

My memory of falling in love. This story truly defines the person I was and the one I hope to become. My memoir will have this with other parts of my life.

The first time I saw her I knew in my heart I would marry her and we would be together forever. It wasn't because she was beautiful (she was), it wasn't because she had an amazing smile (she did), it wasn't because she was super kind (she was). It was because she had the kindest eyes I've ever seen.

Most love stories don't start from behind a cash register in a fast food restaurant, but mine did. She ordered nuggets without any sauce. She was ordering for some kids, she actually didn't eat the food. I watched them interact and I could tell she wasn't their mom. Probably a babysitter. I vowed to myself if she came back in again, I would try my best pick up line.

The next day she came back and ordered nuggets again. A six piece. I wanted to impress her so I gave her seven! I handed them to her with a smile and told her I put a little surprise in the package. I didn't realize at the time that it might have sounded a little creepy. Coupled with my uncontrollable grin, I'm surprised she didn't think I was a psychopath.

I watched her as she sat down and opened up the package. She looked over at me and then looked down. She looked back at me and then I saw her take her pointer finger out and seemingly point at the nuggets.

She got up and walked over to me. My heart was racing. She held the package in her hands and waved me to the side. I walked over and she said I gave her one too many nuggets. I told her I knew. I then told her she had the kindest eyes I've ever seen. I told her I saw her when she came in the previous day with the kids and how she was so good with them. I told her that someday, I'm going to manage this restaurant.

I then asked if she wanted to see a movie later that night and she said, "Yes!"

I'm so glad I have the BabbleStash app to record memories about how I first met my future wife. I can't write, so without this app, I'm not sure I would have bothered to even record my story.

BabbleStash is a critically acclaimed iPhone app that captures the essence of people and lets them share it. Selfies, Snapchats, only express the visual moment; but not what people are truly thinking or feeling. BabbleStash uses scientifically tested questions to elicit feelings, memories, ideas, goals, and dreams and easily records the responses to either be kept secret or shared.

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