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Can You Bare My Despair

The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions. - Ellen Glasgow -

Take it one day at a time they say. If each day is miserable, I'm just waiting for the next miserable day. I couldn't get myself to feel good. I couldn't get myself to feel better. Everything was always the same and it felt bad. I felt bad. It was like there was a gray mist surrounding me everywhere every day.

I tried to exercise. I tried therapy. I tried happy drugs. I tried, I tried, I tried. Nothing seemed to work for me. I was in a classic rut. Every time I tried to dig myself, I found myself getting deeper into it.

I was searching the iTunes app store for a diary to try to keep track of my moods and feelings. I came across BabbleStash. The name intrigued me. I wondered what it was and what it did. It was advertising itself as a voice diary which is probably why it showed up for me.

I downloaded the app and on the first screen, I saw a few interesting categories. It was much more than a Voice Diary. It seemed to have preset questions and the verbal answers were automatically transcribed. I could even make recordings of my family if I cared to do that. I didn't want to.

I found a category called "Aspire ~ Goals and Predictions" that had the question, "What do you want to achieve one year from now?" As I answered the question, I found myself foregoing the one day at a time mentality and set a goal for myself in the future. Now that my goal was recorded, I wanted to make it happen.

Almost instantaneously, my rut evaporated as I focused on my future versus the present. This made all the difference for me. I still see the mist around myself, but it's slowly changing the color from gray to something more welcoming and happy.

BabbleStash is a critically acclaimed iPhone app that captures the essence of people and lets them share it. Selfies, Snapchats, only express the visual moment; but not what people are truly thinking or feeling. BabbleStash uses scientifically tested questions to elicit feelings, memories, ideas, goals, and dreams and easily records the responses to either be kept secret or shared.

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