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I Dream, Therefore I Am

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

Descartes wrote "I think, therefore I am." He asserted that the very act of doubting one's own existence served—at minimum—as proof of the reality of one's own mind; there must be a thinking entity—in this case the self—for there to be a thought.

For me, it's not about thinking, but about dreaming. The fact that I can dream proves to me that I am much more than a thinking creature; but one that imagines all things possible. To me, dreaming loosens the shackles of the mundane and allows me to explore the infinite.

The challenge I have is that I forget the details of my dreams very soon after I have them. I was searching for something that let me capture them. I used to write them down, but I wanted to keep my dreams private and in one place.

BabbleStash helped solve this problem for me. I can open the app and go to the "Reflect ~ Get Introspective" category and record in full detail all of my recent dreams. What I like about this is two-fold. I have my dream easily recorded, so I can privately articulate the details. Furthermore, I have my dream documented so I can securely access them anytime I want in the future.

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