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The Present is Your Gift

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Buddha

I want to get grounded and be focused on the present. To me, I've always heard that meditation was the way to go. Meditation was always intimidating for me and very hard. I downloaded apps. I watched videos. Every time I started, I set a goal of five minutes to just focus on my breathing. As soon as I start, thoughts are flying into my head from everywhere. I battle to push them out so I can continue to focus on my breathing. After a few battles, I am worn out and I look at the clock. It's only been 30 seconds. Unbelievable. So I tried a different approach. I downloaded the BabbleStash app and figured, I would focus on the present by talking about how I feel. It's nice that I was limited to 60 seconds which still feels like an eternity. Verbalizing my thoughts by answering questions like "If I weren't scared, what would I do", or "If I lost everything tomorrow, whose arms would I run to make everything ok" helps me to get grounded and present. To me, BabbleStash is the best type of meditation because instead of just focusing on my breathing, I am now focusing on my feelings and articulating them. To me, this is the best use of my time and to be truly present.

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