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Finally Freed From Living Behind a Screen

I'm was always snapping pictures and filming video of my kids because I didn't want to lose that precious moment. However, my witnessing the event from behind the screen of my phone, I am actually truly missing experiencing event. It came to the point that I thought, maybe I will just put the phone down. Not everything needs to be captured. Let me enjoy watching my kids whether it's playing a sport or performing in a school show. That thought liberated me from living behind the screen. However, I still want to capture my kids and record them. I need the memories.

BabbleStash is the perfect solution. I can record the children, but since I'm not behind a screen, I don't need the camera lens pointed at them. I can enjoy my children, record their thoughts and dreams and not feel like there is something that separates me from the moment. I now have the memories I need.

Download BabbleStash and capture your family's memories.

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