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Their Squeaky Voices

When they are learning to talk and when they go through puberty, the voices of my boys squeak. I love the squeak and it also makes me a little sad. The squeak is a sign that they are getting older, getting mature and a reminder that they won't always be my little boys.

One way I've found to deal with my conflicted feelings is to record my boys. In the past, I would pull out my phone and record a video of them. However, as they got older, they didn't want to be recorded unless they felt they were doing something worthy of being video recorded. I think it has something to do with them being on video.

However, with BabbleStash, I found they are significantly less resistant to let me record them. Since they each have their own Stash, they hear their recorded babbles as they are creating a true history of who they are, what they think and what they say. So, while their voices may no longer squeak, I have their squeaks documented forever in BabbleStash's Stash.

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