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Is a Babble a Verbal Selfie?

All around me, I see people taking pictures of themselves, looking down at their phone with a smile, I watch the whir of their thumbs and at last the people look up until the cycle is repeated. By feeding their social media community with visual representations of their experiences, they are trying to combat the Fear of Missing Out by encouraging the fear of others to experience Fear of Missing Out. The irony is the person taking and sharing the selfie is truly the one missing out. By constantly looking at their screen, trying to visually document their experience, they are having the ultimate faux experience.

Now with BabbleStash, you are not sharing a 2D picture of yourself; but, an introspective commentary on what you are thinking and feeling. In essence creating babbles is a verbal selfie that does not have the power to make people feel bad by superficially gazing at where you are and what you are doing. Instead, they have to listen to the tone of your voice to understand the true meaning of the words you are saying and decode what you are thinking and feeling.

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