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October 20, 2018

Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.  - Sigmund Freud  - 

I lied to myself all the time. I told myself that I was supportive of friends, I cared about other people, and I was doing my best to be the best me possible.

Of course, none...

October 20, 2018

It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company. - George Washington  - 

Friendship is hard work. Trust is hard work. Loving is hard work. That hard work is made even harder when those you've befriended, trusted and loved betrayed you. I find it better for...

October 19, 2018

Real intimacy is only possible to the degree that we can be honest about what we are doing and feeling.  - Joyce Brothers - 

Crafting your memoir requires honesty first and foremost with yourself. Sometimes what you want to say and what you actually say comes out a...

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